Doug Henry's original Limbaugh cover paintings

"The Deal of the Art"

In October 2007, Rush Limbaugh auctioned off a letter on eBay signed by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and 38 other Senate Democrats chastising him for his “phony soldiers” comment.

The winning bid for the auctioned letter came in at $2,100,100.00 The record amount was matched by Rush Limbaugh and then donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

$2,100,100.00 divided by 41 comes out to approximately $51,220.00 per Senator’s signature.

Turnwright Gallery believes the rarity of each one of Doug Henry's hand painted, acrylic on canvas, Limbaugh Letter cover paintings (70 in total), each with a matching mint condition newsletter, could reach an equivalent value of $51,220.00 each at auction.

In 2020 Turnwright Gallery will make available for purchase 

Doug Henry's original Limbaugh Letter commemorative cover canvas paintings. 


Cover ideas for "The Limbaugh Letter" originated from Rush Limbaugh and his editorial staff at "The Limbaugh Letter," which commissioned

Doug Henry to paint the original covers at their direction.